The Demand for Vegan Food Tours Is Growing — and These Are 9 of the Best Around the World

The rise in plant-based eating has inevitably led to more demand for vegan food tours around the world. From 2014 to 2017, the United States alone saw a whopping 500-percent increase in people identifying as vegan — and this isn’t counting the growing number of vegetarians, flexitarians, and “reducetarians” (those trying to reduce meat consumption). The U.K. and Canada are also seeing rapid growth in vegan eating. So an increase in travel experiences catering to vegan foodies makes perfect sense.

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Please, Smell/Like/Follow My Dirty Underwear?

The powers that be say I need to grow my social media following.

Here’s what I do like: the idea of building a community online that might help give me feedback as I go along this journey. Get in touch if you even would like to contribute your expertise and story, or even if you have a better working title for the book!

So, what exactly is my book about? More on that in the next post.

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